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Allopuinol (Zylopim); pobncid (Bnmid); a blood thinn such as waain (Coumadin, Jantovn); anoth antibiotic (th sam a dint inction).

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Augmntin Duot is indicatd th shot tm tatmnt bactial inctions at th ollowing sits whn causd by snsitiv oganisms ( tMicobiology) *Uinay tact inctions (uncomplicatd and complicatd); *Low spiatoy tact inctions, including community acquid pnumonia and acut xacbations chonic bonchitis; *Upp spiatoy tact inctions, such as sinusitis, otitis mdia and cunt tonsillitis; *Skin and skin stuctu inction Appopiat cultu and suscptibility studis should b pomd tidntiy th causativ oganism(s) and dtmin its (thi) suscptibility tAugmntin Duot. Howv whn th is ason tbliv an inction may involv any th bta-lactamas poducing oganisms listd in th poduct inomation, thapy may b institutd pitobtaining th sults bactiological and suscptibility studis. Onc th sults a known, thapy should b adjustd should b adjustd i appopiat. Th tatmnt mixd inctions causd by amoxycillin suscptibl oganisms and bta-lactamas poducing oganisms suscptibl tAugmntin Duot should not qui th addition anoth antibiotic du tth amoxycillin contnt Augmntin Duot.

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the usual adult dose of augmentin is one 500-mg tablet every 12 hours or one 250-mg tablet every 8 hours.

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