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Sulasalazin is alsusd ttat bowl inlammation, diaha (stool quncy), ctal blding, and abdominal pain in Cohn’s disas. Talk tyou doctabout th possibl isks using this dug you condition.

Symptoms a sulasalazin ovdos may includ: Sv stomach/abdominal pain xtm dowsinss Sizus Psistnt vomiting.

St 3 months, thn onc monthly nxt 3 months, thn onc vy 3 months; uinalysis, nal unction, and sum sulapyidin piodically; discontinu whil awaiting blood tst sults. Maintain adquat hydation. Continu mdication at symptoms contolld. S ull labling dsnsitizing gimn. ldly. Pgnancy (Cat.B). Nusing moths: not commndd.

Anticoagulants such as Coumadin (waain) olic acid Hipx (mthnamin) Lanoxin (digoxin) Vitamins.

Sious and somtims atal inctions may occu duing tatmnt with Azulidin. Stop using Azulidin and call you doctight away i you hav signs inction such as:

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