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What are the adverse effects of SildalisA small number of patients have experienced dizzinessnauseadiarrheaheart burn and indigestion when taking this drugIf you find yourself experiencing a moderate to severe reactionyou should get immediate medical help.

Since the drug has a distinctive red color and rectangular shapeit is very unlikely that you can take it by accident instead of any other medicationHowevershould you take more than the recommended dosage of this drugyou have to take steps to see your doctor immediately so as to prevent prolonged or long term side effects that may come with the misuse of a powerful ED drug.

The mechanism of the action of both active ingredients is identicalBoth Sildenafil citrateand Tadalafil is vasodilator products that block the action of PDE5 enzyme and dilate the arteries of the penisAs a result of the dilation of the arteriesthe blood flow is increased in the penisand it causes erection.

The innovative molecule formula of Sildalis has a unique mechanism of the action:

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